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Umnenge Lodge
Want a brilliant holiday? My brother runs Umnenge Lodge, the best little guest house in South Africa's beautiful Western Cape. See whales swimming in the bay and a whole lot more. Quote my web site when you stay and you'll get a free beer!

Welcome to the stevesearle.com pages. The main purpose of this site is to host Champions, my football predictions game. However I have decided to end this after the current (2013/14) season so you can no longer enter, and it will be removed from the site in a few weeks.

The site is also used to document various aspects of GNU/Linux, so if you are interested in this you may find something of use here.

It also contains various junk I dump in it from time to time, so feel free to look around.

You can always email me if you have any comments or suggestions. You might also want to download my public key for GNU Privacy Guard.

FAME! On Wednesday, June 8 2005, I got a mention for my Champions football competion in the Guardian's daily football newsletter, The Fiver. You can see it in the Fiver Letters section here, although I don't know how long they keep the page up for.

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